Full day conference of all things React
21 of april, Kromhouthal amsterdam


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speakersfrom all over the globe


react devsfans and lovers

The event

React Amsterdam is a celebration of good things coming together: ReactJS that rocks and spring in Amsterdam that blossoms

React Amsterdam is a full day two-track conference on all things React, gathering Front End developers across the globe in the tech heart of Europe. React Amsterdam is a heir to the biggest React community in BeNeLux and we have our priorities straight: only the highest quality content with careful balance of practical and visionary talks. React Amsterdam 2017 will take place in the Kromhouthal - former shipbuilding factory at a waterfront of Amsterdam City center.

Training day, 20 of April

For those willing to get up to speed with React & React Native before the main conference day and learn from top industry trainers - we organize a pre-conference training day. Stand-alone and conference-combo tickets available via main order form.

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Amsterdam, 1021 KP

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  • Alex Castillo

    Netflix, USA

    Software Engineer at Netflix, specializes in enterprise single-page applications.

  • Ken Wheeler

    Formidable, USA

    Director of Open Source at Formidable and the author of libraries like Slick Carousel, McFly, react-music, webpack-dashboard, Spectacle.

  • Max Stoiber

    KeystoneJS, Austria

    Makes styled-components, react-boilerplate, @KeystoneJS and CarteBlanche.

  • Forbes Lindesay

    Facebook, United Kingdom

    Open source JavaScript developer and software engineer at Facebook.

  • Michele Bertoli

    Facebook, United Kingdom

    Front End Engineer with a passion for beautiful UIs.

  • Jessica Chan

    Pinterest, USA

    Software Engineer at Pinterest on the Core Experience Web Platform Team.

  • Krzysztof Magiera

    Software Mansion, Poland

    Former Facebooker and member of React Native core team.

  • Mike Grabowski, Poland

    Head of Open Source, React Native Core Contributor.

  • Stefano Masini

    Balsamiq, The Netherlands

    Entrepreneur, cutting-edge adept and a full-stack developer.

  • Michel Weststrate

    Mendix, The Netherlands

    Full-stack lead developer and an author of MobX.

  • Tal Kol

    Wix, Israel

    Head of Mobile Engineering in Full-stack developer, specializing in native mobile development for iOS and Android.

  • Aaron Greenwald

    Wix, Israel

    Software developer at Wix, focused on delivering first-class mobile experiences.

  • Woody Rousseau

    Theodo, UK

    Deputy CTO at Theodo UK, responsible of providing technical strategies for starting new projects, also directly coding with the devs on several projects at the same time.

  • Kurtis Kemple

    Major League Soccer, USA

    Technology lead at Major League Soccer. Kurtis has worked with JavaScript at all levels of the stack and in native environments for the better part of a decade (and still enjoys it).

  • Parashuram N

    Microsoft, USA

    Web developer who loves working on various experiments with React. Some of his work include running ReactJS in a Web Worker, time travel debugging for RN, and user-gesture mirroring for React and React Native.

  • Nik Graf

    Serverless, Austria

    Nik is a developer with heavy focus on UX. He co-created several popular open source projects like DraftJS Plugins & Carte Blanche and participated in Stripe’s Open Source Retreat last year. He organises the ReactJS Vienna Meet-up and works for Serverless.

  • Chris Biscardi

    Dropbox, USA

    @Docker Alum, @Dropbox Core UI. Author of LEO.

  • Gant Laborde

    Infinite Red, USA

    Chief Technology Strategist for Infinite Red, Worldwide Speaker, Published Author, Blogger, and Adjunct Professor focussed on React Native Mobile.

  • Alex Grigoryan

    WalmartLabs, USA

    Leads the Application Platform team @WalmartLabs and is responsible for the development of Electrode, an open source project that made it possible for to transition from Backbone/Java to React/Node.js in under a year.

  • Vincent Riemer

    Symantec, USA

    Software engineer at Symantec with a passion for frontend development and author of iO-808. Loves to produce electro music in his free time.

  • Bruce Lane

    Videodromm, France

    Creative coder for the Videodromm project. Live AV performer, focus on live-coding and GL shaders.

  • Narendra Shetty, The Netherlands

    Frontend Developer at Working on React & Redux since a year. Hate slow websites and strongly believe that web performance is a key for conversion.

  • Andrey Okonetchnikov

    Feedly, Austria

    Front-end engineer and UI-designer living in Vienna, working on modern user interfaces for more than 10 years. Co-organizer of ReactVienna community and author of OS projects like react-dropzone, lint-staged.

  • Feather Knee

    Netflix, USA

    Full-stack software engineer currently working mostly in JavaScript with a dash of RoR. She’s also taught a web development bootcamp, volunteered with Girl Develop It, and done various stints as working artist, dive guide in Thailand and climbing bum.


Full time schedule and final talks for both React (general) and Native tracks will be listed closer to the event dates. Expect additional workshops before the conference day and during the event in our breakout rooms.

  • Max Stoiber

    Styling React/ReactNative Applications

    React popularized a new way of building user interfaces – components. By splitting our app into small, digestible parts the system as a whole becomes a lot easier to understand.
    CSS was made in an era where documents were the height of the web. It doesn't fit easily into component-based systems, making styling one of the pain points of building React applications.
    What if we took the best of JavaScript and the best of CSS, and combined them together to create the ultimate solution? Glen Maddern (CSS Modules co-creator) and I sat down and starting thinking about styling in this new paradigm. Let's talk about what we thought about and why we arrived where we did – 💅 styled-components.

  • Ken Wheeler

    Fun With Fiber Custom Renderers

    In this talk I will be detailing how to create custom renderers using the new Fiber architecture, and showing examples exploring some fun things you can do with them.

  • Jessica Chan

    How Pinterest switched their template rendering engine to React

    A deep dive into how Pinterest migrated their web infrastructure to serve React pages, which required moving a huge amount of code without breaking the site. Details on the legacy stack (Django web server and Nunjucks/Jinja template rendering) moving to Node and migrating our templates to React.

  • Alex Castillo

    Pushing bugs to prod responsibly with React and Redux

    The question is not how to avoid bugs when building software. There will always be bugs. The question is how quickly can you recover from them. Let's go through some ways you can give your app the ability to notify you of these bugs before your users do using React and Redux. Start pushing bugs to prod responsibly.

  • Stefano Masini

    A real-world Relay application in production

    This is the tale of how we, at Balsamiq, rolled out our new web-app, from greenfield to production. A real-world application with real-time collaboration, built using Relay, Redux, React-rendered html emails, node.js, Redis, etc., running on AWS using Convox. Even at small/medium scale, if you're serious about building a good product you will eventually have to build a complex stack. I will share the details of the services we use, how we make them fit together and what we learned in the process.

  • Michele Bertoli

    Test like it's 2017

    Testing UIs has always been a hard job. In the components era, there are new tools and solutions available that transform completely the way we approach testing. From snapshots, through end-to-end frameworks, to style guide testing. In this talk, we'll see some modern (and creative) testing solutions.

  • Forbes Lindesay

    Flow Typing a React Codebase

    Adding type checking to your code can be a frustrating experience at first. In this talk, Forbes will help you through that initial stage by identifying some of the problems you're likely to experience and giving you the tools to work through them. We'll cover adding types to code that initially looks too dynamic to type, adding runtime type checking (and whether that's a good idea) and finally, how you publish your type checked modules to npm.

  • Michel Weststrate

    Complexity: Divide and Conquer!

    "Reactive programming" still sounds scary to many developers. As if it is an elevated way of thinking, only accessible to the chosen few. Nothing is less true! It is the most natural way to look at programming problems. You just might not realize it yet! In this talk, Michel will demonstrate that many complex UI problems, such as form validation and routing, can all be seen as '*actions* that change *facts* which leads to *reactions*'. And as soon as we start distinguishing those concepts in our applications; our code will become more declarative, more concise and less imperative.

  • Nik Graf

    Introduction to ReactVR

    Many web developers haven’t explored WebVR yet. Building 3D Worlds was an intimidating endeavour. Especially with ReactVR there is no reason for that anymore. The talk kicks off with the basics of WebVR, shows how to build and navigate rooms using panos in ReactVR. Next it shows how to create a couple 3D meshes and how put together a small world using them.

  • Chris Biscardi

    Demystifying GraphQL Clients

    Find out how choosing a GraphQL client can impact development. From Relay to template strings, we will explore topics such as modularity, schema checking, and static analysis.

  • Alex Grigoryan

    Progressive Web Applications with Electrode @WalmartLabs

    Progressive Web Applications combine the best of the web and the native app experience. That’s why when @WalmartLabs built Electrode, the React/Node.js application platform that powers the customer experience, we included progressive web features, and have continued to improve those features ever since. In this talk, you’ll learn how Electrode’s PWA support can improve your users’ experience and earn a place on their home screens.

React Native Track

  • Mike Grabowski

    Universal React

    React Native opens up the world of mobile development for many of us, front-end engineers. It not only allows us to use technologies we know already, like React, to provide first-class native experience to our users, but also to support many platforms, like Android and iOS at once, from within the same codebase.
    This talk will explore various patterns that turned to be useful over the course of few projects I did. It will also demonstrate techniques that can be used to write truly universal apps, ie. ones that share core across web, native and more.

  • Tal Kol

    Performance Limitations of React Native and How to Overcome Them

    React Native holds great promise in terms of excellent developer experience with JavaScript and code reuse between platforms. The big question is  - do these benefits come at the price of performance? How well can React Native hold its own against purely native implementations?

  • Aaron Greenwald

    Testing & React Native: Lessons from the Battlefield

    Wix has been about cutting edge web development for a while, and we're all about TDD. When we started mobile with RN, we struggled to replicate our test-heavy workflow that we'd grown to love. We lacked tooling, best practices, and general know-how.
    In this talk, you'll hear about what works and what doesn't. You'll find out what methods we tried and rejected so you won't have to make the same mistakes, and you'll get pointers toward approaches that we've found work so you can get started on the right foot.

  • Woody Rousseau
    Theodo UK

    Asynchronous & Offline magic tricks on React Native

    Javascript has provided us with amazing ways to handle asynchronous logic to provide the best user experience possible.
    React Native is today the best tool to build mobile apps fast, but require extra care when managing asynchronous & offline logic: most people are often going to use your app with weak to no network.
    Get ready to get your app to the next level when you learn how to handle these edge cases

  • Kurtis Kemple
    Major League Soccer

    Navigating React Native Navigation

    When you start out on React Native project, there is a certain sense of awe as the package manager delivers the first bundle to the simulator. You quickly add some hello world text and maybe even a Pokemon image. Things are really starting to look up…
    And then you need to add another view and you realize that you need to navigate somewhere. So you check out the React Native Docs and are quickly greeted by IOSTabBar, Navigation, and NavigationExperimental modules. With so many different options in the core codebase you realize that it’s still a bit of an unsolved problem. Now you’re looking at 3rd party integrations… and you start to wonder, just how should you implement navigation?
    This talk will outline the different approaches to navigation available in React Native and in the RN eco-system, and the pro’s and con’s of each solution.

  • Parashuram N

    Web like release agility for React Native apps

    Code Push for React Native brings web like release agility to mobile apps by enabling developers to update apps instantly. This talk will cover the next iteration of Code Push and how it fits into a complete suite of DevOps services built for called Mobile Center, built for React Native.

  • Krzysztof Magiera
    Software Mansion

    React Native Touch & Gesture

    React Native allows for building great native apps by utilising native mobile components. Apparently handling touch and gestures is quite tricky as it often needs to interact with the application code which runs asynchronously in the javascript VM. This talk is going to be about how the gesture system has been designed and implemented in React Native and how to use it to stay out of trouble.

  • Gant Laborde
    Infinite Red

    Coding Mobile with the Pros

    React Native mobile just got easier. Learn how to tap into rapid development by using what the pros are ready to give you!

  • Vincent Riemer & Bruce Lane

    Secret Talk ;)

    A surprise session at the end of the conference day.

Lightning Talks

  • Narendra Shetty

    Practical performance tips building Mobile web using React

    I will be talking about my learning on performance techniques used to make Uber mobile web using React as fast as possible.
    In mobile web it’s always very important to render the initial screen as soon as possible. I will talk about how I achieved this by various webpack techniques.
    This is for all the devs who care about performance and who think twice before adding any external library.

  • Andrey Okonetchnikov

    Make linting great again

    No other topic in software development probably has so much controversy as linting. With a wrong workflow linting can be really a pain and will slow you and your team down. With a proper setup though, it can save you hours of manual work reformatting the code and reducing the code-review overhead.

  • Feather Knee

    Building Applications for the Studio in the Cloud at Netflix

    Using React to write a decision-making tool for the production studio at Netflix. Our application interacts with a large number of data models. We have to take very complex information and distill it so it can be more easily understood. Design challenges and solutions. How we developed the various components of our UX toolbox. Development process that includes writing unit tests in parallel with application development. How automated testing alongside application development informs our development process.


Workshops will be hosted a day before the conference, on 20th of April. Choose one of the full-day programmes you're interested the most and boost your React skills with our best trainers.

Read more about the programmes at the dedicated training day page.

  • Max Stoiber
    Training day, April 20

    React Workshop with Max Stoiber

    - Setup and ES6 basics
    - React intro (ReactDOM/React, Components, JSX,...)
    - Interaction and State Management
    - Lifecycles

  • Mike Grabowski
    Training day, April 20

    Getting started with React Native by Callstack

    - Introduction to React Native (setting up project, tools, debug)
    - Core components (layout, styling)
    - Lists
    - Navigation
    - Animations
    - Native modules

*Trainings will be held at IIRE Conference Center, Lombokstraat 40, 1094 AL Amsterdam.