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  • Careers at Mendix

    Mendix is a visual, model-based IDE to create mobile & web apps. On top of this, our platform supports cloud deployment, feedback & collaboration and reusable components via our app store. As a result, Mendix is the fastest and easiest way to create and continuously improve enterprise grade mobile and web apps at scale.

    Our R&D team works with the latest technologies to create our innovative platform — React, MobX, Node.js, TypeScript, Cloudfoundry/Pivotal/Kubernetes/AWS, C#, Scala. We support our software engineers in their OSS endeavours, and help our researchers continuously develop their skills. More than 60,000 Mendix developers from 4,000 organizations around the world rely on Mendix, so each commit has the potential to impact not just them but millions of end users.

    We're investing to accelerate our momentum, and looking to grow our global team. If you constantly strive for excellence, are passionate about innovation, and want to work with a collaborative, energetic team - then Mendix is for you.

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  • Senior Front-end Developer at Impraise

    As a Senior Front-end Developer you’ll be a core part of our product team, building a product that sets a new standard for the way organization’s and their people handle performance management and personal development.

    Some of the most innovative mid-size enterprises in the industry are using our product, and our team focuses on building a product that scales with them, seamlessly integrates with the work ows of HR, managers and employees, and meets their quality standards.

    Together, we will improve the experience of our web application and thrive to deliver an innovative experience for all our users.

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  • Careers at Evolution Gaming

    Evolution Gaming is looking to hire skilled and highly motivated engineers to work in Amsterdam, Riga and Tallinn offices.

    Our engineers are passionate about innovation and develop the solutions that allow Evolution Gaming to provide its services to licensees.

    Our teams are critical to the successful running of the company, with any code change having a potentially huge financial impact.

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  • Full-stack JS Developer at Blue Frontend

    Working at Blue Frontend is not for everybody, but maybe it’s for you. We surely think that the life of a full-stack developer is very stimulating. You get the chance to work on projects at exciting companies, both at start-ups and at established organizations. And we try very hard to offer our customers the best services according to the most recent insights.

    But the thing that maybe appeals the most to Blue Frontenders is the way we interact with each other. With us, you’re not just an employee; you’re part of the family. We like to work hard, but we like to relax and have fun just as much. We aim for pleasure at work, we treat everyone the way we want to be treated ourselves, and we love to learn new things every now and then.

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  • Senior Frontend Engineer at Elsevier

    Do you want to help build GitHub for scientists? Do you want to be part of a new team in Amsterdam?

    We’re building an intelligent shareable data repository for scientific data and need more help. If you’re a passionate, focused and driven developer who isn’t afraid of making decisions quickly, building things you’ve not built before, untangling legacy code and hitting your sprint commitments we want to hear from you. In return we offer the opportunity to work on a meaningful product in an AWS microservice architecture environment using Universal Javascript, React, Flight, Redux & Node.

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  • JavaScript Developer at ag-Grid

    ag-Grid is a feature-rich data grid that works on all major frameworks. With world-class Developers on our product, we confidently state that we truly are 'The Best Data Grid In The World'. Feel free to drop by our booth for a free demo or to discuss your licensing requirements. We look forward to meeting you all.

    If you think this sounds like the place for you, please send your CV to [email protected]

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  • Product Engineer at Framer

    We’re building the best next-generation interactive design tool for designers, engineers, product managers, and teams everywhere. At Framer, you’ll work with some of the best global talent and build a tool used by all the companies you know and love, including Dropbox, Pinterest, and Twitter. Join us and help shape the future of design.

    As Senior Product Engineer, you’ll work on many engineering aspects of Framer. This can range from the Mac app, a Windows app, our React-based Design environment, the native mobile apps, or Framer Cloud. Ideally, you have experience taking responsibility for implementing features from start to finish, along with experience working in a product-minded organization. You also write high-quality, tested code and help others do the same.

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  • Open Source JavaScript Developer at Algolia

    We're looking for an Open Source JavaScript developer to join the InstantSearch team at Algolia. Algolia is a search engine API. Our team is responsible for providing high level UI libraries (like Material-UI) for developers to easily plug Algolia on their websites and applications. We create React (+ Native) libraries but also Angular, Vue.js or Vanilla JavaScript.

    We're not pro-framework, we're pro-users. Anything that ease the life of our users is worth solving. We publish everything on GitHub and our users are giving us daily feedback there.

    At Algolia, we spell Culture with a capital ‘C’. That’s why as a candidate you should value & practice transparency, take ownership, have the humility to acknowledge your weaknesses and continuously strive to grow both professionally and personally.

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  • Software Developer at

    We're building a software for large-scale online marketing automation and optimization. Companies like eBay, Uber and Skyscanner use our SaaS platform to grow their business. We're a profitable and fast-growing startup, with 180+ employees globally.

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  • Front-end Engineer at MessageBird

    At MessageBird we provide a series of products and integrations for customers to use our platform. Whether it’s our extended online dashboard, our Developer Portal, our Help Center, or our beautifully crafted landing pages: we aim to use the latest front-end tech wherever possible, making it increasingly simple for our customers to reach anyone, anywhere in the world.

    As a Senior Front-end Developer at MessageBird you will be working with talented and experienced colleagues in order to build great products. You will be using frameworks like React to make our dashboard more robust and engaging and use your experience to propose better solutions and architectural improvements when you see fit.

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  • React Developer at Yoast

    We’re looking for a React developer to help us transform our JavaScript views into React components and build modern new interfaces for website optimization. We’d prefer to work with someone who has experience building React applications in production, but we are also open to candidates with a suitable skills set who are eager to learn.

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  • Honeypot - Tech Job Platform

    Honeypot is Europe’s leading tech job platform, on a mission to build great engineering teams. On Honeypot, you state your job preferences upfront and companies apply to you. We believe you should choose a job you love: whether that’s based on a cutting-edge tech stack, an inspiring team or just good old-fashioned salary.

    In our world, that means no more spam and empty promises from headhunters, no more sending the same application to multiple companies - just one profile and a chance to receive offers related to your job preferences directly from companies.

    #graphql #react #redux #node #reactnative #frontend #fullstack

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